Chemical States

On this morning's drive I thought about the states of matter, chemical makeup of the world around us, reality, and our mental narrative. I feel like reality as we normally think about it is completely fragile, maybe even nonexistent or an illusion. Is our narrative, the stories we tell ourselves about life and reality, what … Continue reading Chemical States

Joel Biroco, Magical Words of Wisdom – Featured Post

Advice to rabbits who’ve never been pulled out of hats before MARCH 19, 2012 Wrapping up my discussion with an occultist, he asked me a concluding question with his book in mind: If I might ask but one final, umbrella-term, and fairly generic and perhaps expected question: If you could give any measure of advice to … Continue reading Joel Biroco, Magical Words of Wisdom – Featured Post

If magic is the believe in the extra-physical I don't think I'm ready for that yet. Working toward the life I love. Something I need to understand is that the life I love isn't an immunization nor a narcotic. Doing the things you love is a challenge. You're doing them but there's still feelings. There's … Continue reading