Welcome to ‘From the Cushion’! The blog of Magician & Meditator Sindder Streg.

The purpose of this blog is to share my experiences with magic & meditation, to develop my writing skills, and to network with other wizards and witches.

I practice Chaos Magic and have done so for about 13 years. My major interest has been awakening in the Western Magical Tradition but I do a fair bit of spell work, energy practices, spirit communication, and divination, specifically Yijing (I Ching). I meditate a lot, sitting in shikantaza, a “do nothing” style meditation technique. My magical style is hands-on & intuitive. I consider myself a student of magic. I always appreciate learning new things. I’m a reader. I like classical literature, beat poetry & lit., and certain styles of comic book but am always looking to expand my horizons yet am limited by time. A couple of overarching goals of mine are to improve my writing, expand my astral/imaginative explorations, and to improve psychological health and well-being. Perhaps, in true Chaos Magic fashion, all three at once! Hypersigils, anyone?

I hope you find something that interests you here. Feel free to follow me on social media or subscribe to the blog to get email post updates. Thanks for being you and drop me a line if you’d like.

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