You are a Ritual

You are a ritual and you’ve never been anything else. One thing causes the next and there’s no way out of this loop. You are a fractal. Chaos, with limits, corners, bouncing off changes and pivot points. You’ve never been yourself. In fact, you are nothing but change.

You experience yourself as solid. I am who I am. This is consciousness fooling you. If you look closely this too fades away, changes. It’s the same every time you experience this. (The Holy Guardian Angel shows you this.) Consciousness doesn’t change. But it comes and goes in experience.

Your Atman, your Higher Self, the Source, or true God is extreme in potential. So fully potent as to be nothing — not an absence of something, but beyond distinction. Emptiness, sunyata. This is your true self. But you, the constituents of experience (ie the Ritual) aren’t able to physically touch this thing because it’s…beyond.

There’s no great way to write this out, which is why esoterics are experiential; it’s why I propose a Dark Philosophy, because it’s scary. There’s things unknown going into it*. What you don’t know is then obliterated. And then you come out knowing. This is initiation. This is willed ritual*. This is Occult action.

Dive into the unknown and come out reborn.

The Tao that can be named is not the eternal Tao.

—Lao Tzu


Mind Only

These style of practices have more of Buddhisty flair. A distinct awakening flavor.

Through endless kalpas [aeons/times] without beginning, whatever you do, wherever you are, that’s your real mind, that’s your real Buddha. This mind is the Buddha says the same thing. Beyond this mind you’ll never find another Buddha. To search for enlightenment or nirvana beyond this mind is impossible. The reality of your own self-nature, the absence of cause and effect, is what’s meant by mind. Your mind is nirvana. You might think you can find a Buddha or enlightenment somewhere beyond the mind, but such a place doesn’t exist.

Bodhidharma’s Bloodstream Sermon1

Where are you going to look? Where are you going to go? India? China? A new New Age Center down the street with those cool people with tattoos and hair? At a civil rights parade? Is that enlightenment? Intellectual enlightenment perhaps, but not Buddhist enlightenment.

I don’t care if you can drink a cup of water if 4 seconds the mind is more instantaneous than that. The mind is nowhere and anywhere you go. It’s always there. It’s what looks! It’s who speaks! It’s what thinks! Die? What doesn’t ‘exist’ doesn’t die. You, your true nature won’t die.

Salvation? An offering, if you can receive it.

1 (Can’t vouch for the site, just found the quote there.)


I wanted to say something about the traditional form of magick. I’m thinking the Pentagram, the elements.

How do these interact and live in our lives?






I see these as manifestation of the 5 skandhas of Buddhism. Sensations, Emotions, Thoughts, Identity, Emptiness. It doesn’t match up perfectly, but these are all in motion. You can raise the number of “things” in your system or lower it; it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that you identify with these things, see yourself as a complete unit, and *dissolve* into the Ether. That’s the good stuff!

The Occult Technique of Focusing on a Regular Life

Getting your life in order is just about the number one thing to do after you are “fully awakened”. Well what’s the point if you’re a mess, unable to function in this world, and suffering all the time.

Ooh, there is “no thing” and “no one” to work on anything? Smack yourself around a little bit after that and see how your cheek turns red. Ok so now that we agree there is effect, what do we do about it? What can we do about it may be a better question because, if you’re like me, you have some mental issues to work out. I believe this, is the real point of awakening. At least for now.


If you look at awareness you’ll see things aren’t what they seem. They feel solid and real but they are transient and don’t really exist at all. Nothing exists. There is absolute salvation available to you if only you’ll accept it.

But that’s what they all say innit?

Meditation1 isn’t religion. But really I want to talk about magick because that’s how I got where I am. But really, a simple look is all it takes. Probably, bravely, over time is more sustainable. I doubt you can get there from here. Magick is religion; but not in the same way you’re used to. It’s religious in the same way you have to workout religiously or brush your teeth religiously. It’s a discipline. Magick is a promise to uphold the highest standards of behavior & action possible. To never ere. Distinct from perfectionism in that perfectionism is often put there by our mamas & our papas. The Perfect is just that, perfect – and you invoke it upon yourself. Ego’s can, do, and will inflate: but they will be destroyed in due time (technically you can’t destroy what already doesn’t exist, but we’ll get there – so don’t go around thinking things all negatively about the occult. Tempting, eh? You want to manifest positivity. But you can’t do that yet. You can only try. And you should try, and will try, and then do. I have full faith in you – in your ability to surrender.).

Addendum: Nothing exists in thought.

1 Meditational Insight – vipassana or kensho, both mean meditational insight but in different languages/traditions (Therevada, Pali / Zen, Japanese, respectively)