Writing & Life, the Magus

The Magus when writing describes appearances. The Magister Templi still thinks he can figure something out. The Ipsissimus describes nothing.

I sit in the Ipsissimus so often I’m not called to write anything. When I move to the Magus I’m not too keen to write anything as I’m trying to orient my life now in a healthy way. I’ve spent so much time as the MT that this still needs to be done. This is the focus of my life now.

Moving on my life and family and employment the way waves moves upon the ocean. Not separate yet not among, only as the Magus can. Dealing with appearances as they come, at the behest of the Ipsissimus, for the Ipsissimus. The MT is forgotten yet becomes the shadow. If you do it right, writes the Magus in knowledge, the shadow becomes harmless, is simply seen as a part of the natural personality.