Time-Binding Semantic Circuit

My brain is fried. I can’t go about my job. My ego and my reality are fried. I instinctively want to be the best but I know this is a lie – I should want to get through my day. Bind myself in time.

Who do I bind in time? I’ve gone through so much iteration. I run away from myself, from the alcoholic. I’m having cravings again. I seek to bind myself but not this myself. I’m lost.

There’s a better version of me out there. I know it. Byrd shows me and tells me constantly. Why can’t I latch onto it. It’s like butter melting through my hands. I know I can just grasp it but I want to make sure, sure.

The grasping at this is asinine. Foolish. I’ll die before I know who I am and I’ve known who I am the entire time. From before I was born I knew who I was. I need a Cosmological Binding: from Magia.

Which part of myself is bindable?
Which part of myself is safe?
When I bind I exclude;
What if I bind unsafely?
What if I bind…him!?
Tears for my un-binding.
Tears fall and I don’t bind.
Tell my kids I’m sorry.

Should I quit should I give up?
Should I throw in the towel
Well kids, things weren’t how I thought they were.
Things weren’t to my benefit afterall.
I gave up because I couldn’t be the best.

Mom, Mom you put me here.
Insisted I be the best.
For my own good, I know.
But I can’t shake the knowledge.

I’m the best.

Succubus of a stubborn Sagitarrius.

I bind thee, Sagitarrius.
I bind thee and thy positive properties,
The ones you cannot see.

The ones you refuse to see.
As you feel they’d be your demise.
I bind you.

In the name of Magia, you are bound.

Time, semantic bound,
The Sagittarius,
Bold adventurer & philosopher
Something special yet visitable
By all inhabitants of your island.

Your Philosophy accessable to all people,
This is what makes your Work Great.
Magick for all!
Every man woman and child a star.
We know this so.

We know this so.