What is meditation?

Meditation is resting your attention on your current experience without judgement of said experience.


Meditation has been a key religious exercise throughout millennia. Science is now showing us the benefits that long term meditators have derived, through brain scans and various somatic tests. There’s just no way to gain strength and endurance without regular exercise and there’s just no way to not be distracted by experience without a steady practice of meditation. But it’s not just about concentration, though in our hypermodern times that’s basically a superpower. This nondistraction is synonymous with a direct understanding of the nature of self & of the nature of our current experience. Unraveling these existential mysteries in a non-theoretical, practical way is at the heart of meditation.


Sit on a cushion facing a wall with your knees on the ground, your eyes open, and your back straight.

Try to keep still.

Let thoughts and sensations come and go without getting caught up in them or judging them as good or bad.

Rest your attention on what is currently happening.

If you get confused, distracted, or your legs fall asleep, check in with your posture, adjust if needed, and keep sitting.

Repeat daily¹.