Chaos Magic?

What is Chaos Magic?

Chaos magic is a postmodern magical metaparadigm. It views the ardent performance of rituals & techniques as inherently superior to armchair theories, untested philosophies, & blabbermouthed conspiracies. It applauds at the onboarding of alternate belief systems as flourishes of style for the socially ingrained roles we take at various stations in life. Chaos magicians emphasize an intellectual detachment to belief in itself & tends to use religion, occultism, and even self help as juices to be squeezed and reaped of their rewards, without getting too touchy about the content. Context, relativism, these are the hallmarks of postmodernism & they find their place in the magical community strongly with chaos magicians. In practice, the magician will take on several belief systems over time as rotating, colored lenses with which to see the world and the people & events in it and to taste the flavor of the synchonicites, spirits, and tools associated with that belief. It is a dissection of the world’s religions and esoteric practices & histories to find out what works; how to alter consciousness, the themes of myth through the ages, and how to incorporate what is learned & practiced into an individualistic, pragmatic system that delivers. Note taking, journaling, and evaluating one’s experiences are paramount to mature growth and to the peer-to-peer sharing that is upliftingly common among this niche sect of esotericists.

Chaos magic is not a religion but it has religious implications. Along with moral, intellectual, & cosmological. We’re even coming around to soteriological implications, as well.

With chaos magic practice comes discipline, magical competency, intellectual rigor, compassion & respect for others, and a sense of playfulness born from laughing with the cosmic joke.