Good Friday

I’m deciding to write today for a number of reasons. I need time for stillness and time for processing what is occuring in my inner ecology. I’m making a decision to let awakening play a larger part in my day to day life – I can no longer pretend it’s just another thing, fuck you postmodernists. Lastly, I simply desire to write and I can’t just expect great things to pop up without practicing.

Good Friday is occuring whether we like it to or not. It’s raining, with flash flood warnings and a chance of my daughter joining us in our bed because of the loud thunder and bright, scary lightening.

Jesus is such a sore topic of our culture. Rapt in racism. Boxed in by scientism. Transcended by New Age thought. (White, American, or western, Christians, or only a generation or two removed -aetheists, essentially Christians in reality) think they have left superstition behind. Think intellectual enlightenment explains away the miracles of Christ and the transcendence of the Grave. In effect, if they knew what Christ knew they’d be tearing the tabernacle of American, western society to the ground. There is nothing of value in scientism. Save helping us live longer. And then, it’s to just eat more Cheetos in the meantime. What’s the value in being alive just to spend $$. That’s not a question. There is no value. You’re not wresting your value from the capitalists.

This is all a bit harsh but it’s the reality we live in. I don’t see any value in Western socieity. It’s all a bit bland and everyone – everyone – is being taken advantage of. Why would a Billionaire want us to wake up to the truth. That this is all for their insecurity, for their greed? That just because they can they’re going to TAKE more from us!

Well anyways, times up. That’s all I’ve got for today. Off to live my life. I do hope to continue putting more complete thoughts together, making something worth following.

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