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I can do anything. I can understand magick and chaos magick. I can share my thoughts in a safe environment where I’m not worried about being judged for the contents of my thoughts.

Magick is an inherently tricky thing.

What do I have that is inherently worth sharing? Will 15 years of experience suite you?

15 years of experience can look different in different scenarios so I don’t claim to know everything. I do claim to know what I know. And that confidence is enough.

What is the first thing you should do in magick? Assuming you’re going to practice it and are not just starting you should stabilize your experience. What is experience? Experience is the contents of your mind, generally gained via the 5 senses but as we go deeper into our mind the mind’s influence becomes greater and greater and thusly before we go too far, needs to be stabilized.

From the Cushion, what does that mean? I’ve been greatly influenced by the pragmatic dharma scene and so I tend to take a secular magick approach so spend a great deal of my magical time on the cushion, meditating. You don’t have to do this to do magick in fact you probably won’t but this is where I chose to spend my time because I wanted to get very very good at meditation. And for what it’s worth, I think I have. I’m no expert but I know what I know.

The fear of being outed stops many a magician from sharing online. My fears aren’t justified – what is it I’m scared of? Do we just all not know what magick is? Everyone on the planet does magick. Anytime you believe anything you’ve just done magick. I encourage the use of magick. Believing things is the only way anything gets done. And it’s not even conscious – you have to believe you’re having an experience to have an experience. Unless you’re really REALLY good at meditation you cannot choose to NOT have an experience. Does death even really END experience? All religious folks should believe not and atheists, sorry, but the compling amounts of evidence for a mystical reality in which we all already live and have been living, scrub yourselves profusely, have been stacking up regularly.

Cracking the code on capitalism isn’t particularly a good idea professionally. And I’d rather keep my job than my Youtube page. But, fuck, we’re cracking the code on humanity, on existence, on consciousness, on life & death. ‘Reck! We’ll crack it all. This is magick.

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