You are a Ritual

You are a ritual and you’ve never been anything else. One thing causes the next and there’s no way out of this loop. You are a fractal. Chaos, with limits, corners, bouncing off changes and pivot points. You’ve never been yourself. In fact, you are nothing but change.

You experience yourself as solid. I am who I am. This is consciousness fooling you. If you look closely this too fades away, changes. It’s the same every time you experience this. (The Holy Guardian Angel shows you this.) Consciousness doesn’t change. But it comes and goes in experience.

Your Atman, your Higher Self, the Source, or true God is extreme in potential. So fully potent as to be nothing — not an absence of something, but beyond distinction. Emptiness, sunyata. This is your true self. But you, the constituents of experience (ie the Ritual) aren’t able to physically touch this thing because it’s…beyond.

There’s no great way to write this out, which is why esoterics are experiential; it’s why I propose a Dark Philosophy, because it’s scary. There’s things unknown going into it*. What you don’t know is then obliterated. And then you come out knowing. This is initiation. This is willed ritual*. This is Occult action.

Dive into the unknown and come out reborn.

The Tao that can be named is not the eternal Tao.

—Lao Tzu

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