Just be yourself

I’ve had a little trouble recently being myself. I worry about people finding out I’m more of a leftist than I let on, I worry about people finding out I’m a dastardly occultist – simultaneously worrying I’m not an occultist because I don’t do enough magic, I worry about my business, social status, and family suffering because of either of these left leaning tendencies, political and spiritual. I really enjoy the friends and connections I have online, though small in number, I genuinely care about the few people who follow me. Most of us have had some connection of the years and have come up with me on my spiritual search. I do want to be more public with my beliefs but feel that my concerns are warranted. I don’t live in San Francisco where I can just do whatever I want. Part of me wishes I could just be myself.

Perhaps my worries are just worries and my friends have my back no matter what. I know you do but I’m not scared of losing your friendship. I’m scared of losing my business and messing up my family’s lives because of something I believe… because of who I am. Does this last part beg me saying the question, what if I’m just a failure? I don’t believe this in the slightest but what if I can’t hold my spiritual or political beliefs and still be the same person. Who do I think people think I am? What if they thought I was more free-spirited than I am? There’s no harm in that. Why don’t I write what I want to write? Why don’t I just be myself?

How does this look in everyday life? I’m not linking my personal stuff to this anyway. Do I want to go on massive FB political rants? Doubt anyone would care. Participate in more spiritual group stuff? I’ve wanted to do this anyway. I’m afraid. I guess that’s all there is to it. Good ol’ fear. Pray for me or spell for me to overcome this fear. That I may leverage my beliefs and my personal life to mutual benefit.

I want to emote without being judged as having that intellectual position. I hate Republicans isn’t the same thing as I hate every person registered Republican. Does the internet even know this distinction anymore? I need to be careful I express this. Not to say stupid stuff but to emote. There’s a discernable difference methinks.

That’s it for now. Holler if you’ve ever had trouble expressing yourself. Happy to hear from you. Trying to be genuine here. Be well.

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