A policy of Universal Love?

The problem with Universal Love as I’ve experienced it is that it’s not a paradigm, it’s an esoteric experience or meditational insight regarding the nature of being. If Christians and in general conservative white people were to experience this, as I believe Christ instructed, they would lose the sense of tribalism that clings and creates issues (starkly understated) like dog mess in the crevices of one’s shoe. Yet belonging to groups is massively important to identity (“tribalism” then a derogatory term). How do ‘liberals’ get around this? Many don’t, “locked into” social views just like anyone else but their views are more open. (If I’m cynical I’d say 98% of humanity will never open their mind in any sense – choosing to wait until death when, through faith, they hope it will. If I’m honest, for them, I hope it does.) But when you’re locked in to one side you have to *side* which causes the *slide* into extremism. You can see this on both sides. I’m not immune and I have preferences politically (in general I’m naïve but willing to learn – which isn’t a political position, so I’ll say, in general, I’m conservative but I’m pretty moderate and apt to swing the moderation from left to right). If that statement makes you ‘reee’ let me say I am firmly anti-racist and have been my entire life as far as I can tell. I perhaps may write something insensitive but it’s not my intention – it’s impossible to not piss off “sliden” liberals or conservatives. As much as I avoid extremes on both sides (again, this is a fundamentally philosophical issue of being embedded in beliefs. Embedded meaning unexamined ‘whys’, why you’re like this. I’m fundamentally against embeddedness (again, in this meaning). But that’s a personal proclivity not a political statement. And if that somehow makes me a racist your mental gymnastics are better than mine.

After coffee, the sun rising, and some work, I want to state that moderates are not immune from embeddedness and this was not my intention in that statement. I find being politically moderate gives me the leeway to navigate life while researching the political topics I’m interested in. I don’t particularly mind who the president is, etc. I do stand against racism but that issue isn’t owned by either side. The popular dialogue is one thing, I’ll give you that, and I won’t say more.

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