Chaos Magic 3.0

For me, chaos magic has become about living a spiritual life in the most technically correct and badass empowering ways possible. For me this often translates to meditation and reading fiction. This doesn’t really seem like a lot on paper but as I often say if you want the dharma combat hit me with it.

Magic is a spiritual process. It’s not for changing reality.

Sometimes. Depends what you believe about it and this is what I believe. It is of note that I said ‘dharma combat’ and not ‘magical combat’. I’m always ready for the first and the second is trepidatious. Point taken. I’m not as well versed in spellwork as I am insight, which is developed in meditation and self-inquiry. Magic, the practice of charms and spells, in this regard requires one to be a hardnosed son-of-a-bitch. A quality I haven’t been that interested in developing until recently.

Addiction strips away ones will systematically until you are nothing but the substances and their use- the experience of addictive craving. I hope no one has to experience this (but of course millions will). That said, addiction varies by degrees, and willpower isn’t everything. Yet, the degree to which I’ve mastered my mind under these conditions is really impressive. I will turn the credit to my friends over at the old Baptists Head blog, my Holy Guardian Angel, karma, and being a hardnosed son-of-a-bitch.


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