6 Year Anny

Today I’ve been told by WordPress, is the 6 year anniversary of my blog.

I had a great desire to be a writer when I was younger. I was inspired by Tim Leary, Jason Louv, Joel Biroco, Robert Anton Wilson and others. I’ve written a couple decent things – my Florida Water series on political magical combat turned out to be more relevant than I imagined at the time. I wrote a couple very decent dharma and magical pieces while nursing a swollen ego. I wrote a short meditation book that dearly needs editing and care. Now, I have 200 drafts with no published posts and I drown in the mire of the toxicity of my own personal drama. I used to have budding online friendships and was a member of several great online groups but I feel like I’ve squandered much chance to re-engage.

I’m two and a half years alcohol-free but I didn’t end the total habit energy of using at that time. I kept my mind distracted but still functioned on a day-to-day level ok. 2022 has been a turnaround year and I’m making some changes organically whereas in the past I’ve bounced back and forth between extremes. The changes I’m making aim for more directed objective thinking, better mood regulation, connecting with other weirdos, and of course more magic & meditation fun.

I’ll be updating my socials here in a few days and hope to continue to post.

3 thoughts on “6 Year Anny

  1. It has come to my attention that perhaps you read a rough draft version of this post which was emailed out instead of my final draft, thanks to WordPress’ phone app (lesson learned). I appreciate both of you and cheers to a brighter future. SS


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