Burst Forth William Blake

In order to be a Chaos Magician you also have to not be a Chaos Magician. A magician who lives in the world of magic alone is a lonely & decedent magician. You must bring back the pearls of wisdom. A magician cannot be an oyster. They’d clam up & clamber for the light. Roles quickly reversing – good becoming evil and evil becoming good. They’re lost. Trapped in their own bodies. Unable to connect with another. This is sad.

Unfurl forth and be. Be lonely, be comfortable. Be anything you want to be. Purpose spring forth from magicians’ fingers, nothing can stop them in their grim desires. Planting seeds one day at a time until they grow into their desires manifest. This is the magician’s grim purpose: living a life of art. Each action a brushstroke of aesthetic. Life is art. Burst forth young magician. Live! Be! The world is your oyster. Be not stuck in ritual, leaving your dark work and thriving in the world of blood. Fulfill your will of pleasure in this garden of Eden. Paradise lost and regained.

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