This Olde Blog

I written on this blog faithfully for the past few years. Where are all the posts? I couldn’t stand to post them. I couldn’t stand myself for a while. So I changed. It wasn’t that easy mind you. But I did it. I haven’t drank in 18 months. I used to drink about every 18 hours it seemed like. Now I’m more my magical self. I’m becoming the person I wanted to be. I know a bunch about meditation. I’ve kissed the heart of the Western Magical Tradition, though I stand on the backs of giants. (If I’ve done what I think I’ve done at all). I couldn’t be happier.

I’m still having trouble writing. I’m chalking it up to being hard work. It’s not me anymore. It’s my skill. And I’m ok with that. I’ll have to keep practicing. Keep honing my skill. And most importantly keep trusting myself. I’m going to keep posting here in a semi journal semi whatever I feel like writing about way. Thank for you for reading along.

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