How To Use Your Entire Brain

More specifically titled: Utilizing your entire experiential pallet.

Now that you’re enlightened what do you do?

First check: Are you considering your baggage a feature of enlightenment?

Second check: Have you opened your heart to all people?

Third check: How’s your life? Do you have goals?

These are projections of course. I’m not an expert but they’re what I’d suggest based on my limiting experience.


You’re a little shook aren’t you? You thought enlightenment would cure all your ills. It does not. Get help. There is no problem having areas you still need to develop in.


You might be wrong. Open your heart. People are worth getting to know a little bit. You don’t have to like them but get to know them.


If you aren’t achieving your goals what even do you do during the day? Get a job. Take a class. Read a book.

Up next: Dynamic Goal Setting

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