Advice to Magicians Seeking Enlightenment

Because you asked… oh you didn’t?

Anyway, here’s my unsolicited advice:

If you’re going for enlightenment you don’t need a “path”. What you’re looking for is right in front of you. Don’t believe me? Pretend you didn’t know you had a left hand because you’d never looked at it before. You hadn’t heard it make noises, smelled it, etc; you’d never experienced having a left hand. But one day someone comes along and tells you, “hey, you have a left hand”. And you’re like, “yeah right, I don’t even know what that is”. Or conversely, you hear somehow about maybe having a left hand and you want to figure out how to experience it. You have it the whole time but you never experienced it.

Practices to uncover this are necessary. Magick to uncover this is helpful. You don’t need to join anything for this to be successful. No one needs your money, your time, or especially your emotions. These are distractions. Guru and magical group trauma in various forms is very real. A casual few friends meditating on your own and reporting back at at weekly video conference meetup is highly more desirable than to join an ancient order to unlock your mysterious powers.

I suggest a core practice and a handful of support practices to aid your quest. Core practice should include some form of insight meditation. Support practices should support your core mission and your overall wellbeing.

Core Practices:
Self Inquiry
Centering Prayer

Support Practices:
Prayers to Deity(s)
Micro Practices of your CP throughout the day
Relaxation Techniques

The list of SP, Support Practices, are more extensive. I’d wager there are only a handful of CP that really work. Staring at a candle or practicing Carroll’s ‘Motionlessness’ from Liber Null won’t do the trick. You need something that’s going to deconstruct your experience so that you can begin to see your natural consciousness and it’s qualities shining through. This is very doable. It may take a year or two, maybe more depending on the deftness of your practice, but you can definitely do it.

My final suggestion is to begin with the end in mind:

Why are you doing this? Religiously speaking you’re not going to get anything from it. You won’t not be reborn. It’s not a free ticket to heaven. It won’t make you cooler or funnier or prettier or smarter. And it sure as heck won’t make you more emotionally balanced. All of those things happen by working on those specific areas. If you’re slightly unbalanced before enlightenment you’ll be slightly unbalanced after enlightenment. We all have things to work on and have things that hide from our attention but if you begin to consider your baggage a feature of enlightenment you are poignantly wrong and should quickly reassess.

Enlightenment is an achievable goal and what you’re looking for is always with you. Practice well.

*No left hands were hurt in the making of this post.*

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