Populists’ Tears

Death of our Middle Class: An Ode to Populism

Trump’s populist strategy of suggesting to his supporters what’s reality isn’t working during his reelection campaign. The enchantment has waned. Cursed into suppression, literally1. People are not mystified by falsities. Values of basic decency and intelligence take reign.

Trump’s claim of election fraud is our own disappointment manifest. The world’s not a conspiracy against the middle class. Our self-assertions are so grand that we’ve occluded helpful facts. Rejecting right and wrong we value those who think like us. We look fondly at consumerism and think what a good thing it is. We need things, these consumer goods, to fill our lives. As long as we have products we have signs from God that everything is okay. We don’t know what’s best for us. We believe freedom is defined as doing and thinking what we want. Doing and thinking what you want isn’t freedom – doing and thinking what you want is delusion. This lawlessness of mind is chaos manifest. Pepe is equated with the god Kek, the Lord of Chaos and Darkness. He was chosen for a reason. Your mind has been manipulated. This was the first act of overt magick performed on modern Christian society.

Pepe – a reptile atavism. Reptiles do not behave compassionately or with order. Do reptiles know anything other than eat and hide? Devour or cower? We’ve made “owning libs” a tremendous strategy as if showing our mother a crayoned page is equivalent of her perusing the Louvre.

We tried. We tried to take our country back but we are losing. The middle class will continue to carry the burden of bolstering the economy. We will not be rewarded for this. We will be called racist for standing up for individual rights. We will be called racist for standing up for the constitution. We will be called racist for standing up for our belief in God.

Pepe’s tears are our own. Pepe’s tears are our own…

1 https://www.wired.com/story/trump-witches/

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