Joel Biroco, Magical Words of Wisdom – Featured Post

Advice to rabbits who’ve never been pulled out of hats before

MARCH 19, 2012

Wrapping up my discussion with an occultist, he asked me a concluding question with his book in mind:

If I might ask but one final, umbrella-term, and fairly generic and perhaps expected question: If you could give any measure of advice to the beginning magician, magickal newcomer, or in other words an individual who had not encountered initiation yet (maybe one who has, but doesn’t know where to go from there), what in the name of the burning fires of hell would it be?

This is what I imagine I’d say to this imaginary generic neophyte (though in reality there is no such thing as a beginning magician who has any actual capacity to listen to advice, there are only train wrecks about to happen that are impossible to switch to another track and timid souls for whom the advice to be courageous is all but useless; the maturity to listen to advice generally comes much too late for it to be of any value, so I dare say the most I can hope for is a smirk in retrospect after they have made their own mistakes):

I’d say it’s better not to spend too long learning basic things about the occult, instead just skip through this stuff at a fast pace, in a perfunctory fashion regardless of ‘understanding’ or the lack of it, rejecting much outright as just garbage artificially upheld as ‘foundational’. Absorb a huge amount quickly, let it sink in later. I also think it is desirable to work through the myriad of illusions as quickly as possible (say ten years rather than forty). Also, to lose interest from time to time and chuck it all in the bin. I would say don’t be afraid of chaos, and if your life shows signs of falling apart, let it. I’d also say don’t follow anyone, save transitory inspirations, and don’t become a clown mouthing words like ‘do what thou wilt’ as if it meant something. I’d say know exactly who those few are who have something to teach you, and see through those who like to think they have. Embrace what you fear, converse with demons, be possessed, but never be weaker than any of it. Prove to yourself that magick ‘works’ in the most extreme way you can imagine, but then draw back, since you have accomplished everything at this point and revelling in it will only lead you astray. When you can do it, you don’t need to do it.

Be aware that hierarchical magical orders are not only dead they are an insult to your own sovereignty and taking a vow to any of them is tantamount to slipping the chain-gang ankle bracelets on yourself, you don’t need to be a slave to this sort of ‘magical engine’. Prefer an exemplary solitariness to the company of mediocrity. Ultimately aim to transcend magick and come to know who you are, your real identity. Read widely, experiment with LSD and DMT, and remain anarchic in spirit. Be aware that all of your apparent choices are an illusion, but do it anyway if you want. Take the bull by the horns. Jump ship at the earliest opportunity. Don’t think anyone knows anything any better than you do, but if it turns out that they do, acknowledge it, thank them, but ultimately realise that it is the greatness in you that recognises it. Forget following recipes in occult books, make stuff up, be spontaneous, forget scripted magick go for juxtapositional magick, improvise.

If a magical current takes hold of you, go with it, become obsessed, see where it leads you. Never back away from the Abyss because there’ll only be another one behind you. Hold magical power, but don’t be too quick to wield it. That just expends it. Honour your disappointments, your disillusionments. Fail big-time. Become a fucking mess. Triumph in spite of it. Give in to the tempter or temptress, but slap it down once you have grasped its nature. Come to know how maya works. Thoroughly examine your desires, exhaust your desires if you have not yet wearied of them, this is generally faster than pretending to be aloof from them (if you’re still excited by desires, your world is an eggshell). Once you have taken the tour, get the slime off your hands and retire. Work fast, you don’t have very long for energised magick. Dive right in, don’t constantly be preparing. The allure will wear off. There is no time for the leisurely route, take all the shortcuts you can find. Better still, go direct and do nothing, the fleeting holding no more secrets. Ask yourself, once in a while, just why you’re bothering with all this. What was the original aim? So you can work magick now, so what? The self that thought it was impossible has crumbled, but what about the one who isn’t so impressed, what’s that one’s game? Never be satisfied until you know exactly who you are, compared to that ‘causing change in conformity with will’ is just someone else’s bullshit. Magick is for peeling the mask off the magician, rather than supernatural fulfilment of idle fantasies.

Just to be clear, none of these are my words. This is an article by Joel Biroco, chaos magician, contemplative, and artist, shared from his website, linked above.

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