10 min sit

Lite stretch

25 pushups (knees)

25 squats

25 twists (standing)

I feel today that I had a rough night last night. I couldn’t sleep. I was overcome with epiphany. God and the Devil, conservative and liberal, do this or do that, be this or be that. Again, I still struggle with identity. As a chaos magician I desire to find what works for me. That which is sustainable, if you will, in my current lifestyle, which I have no desire to change, only improve upon. And there’s plenty room for improvement— just ask my wife!

I have decided I will remain conservative Christian with an emphasis on manhood. I will practice as I have done today and work to improve but focus on commitment to the program: sit, stretch, strength. Eating healthier, being a family man- which I am, reading more- which I struggle with, and planning and thinking about the future.

In Christ—

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