Florida Water pt2

The magical right had their day in 2016 when Donald J. Trump was elected president. Winning the infamous internet meme war with their mascot Pepe. A depiction in meme form of the Egyptian God Kek, the bringer of primordial chaos and darkness. A euphemism of tearing down the existing order of government control. Trump, attending Marble Collegiate Church ministered by Norman Vincent Peale, author of ‘The Power of Positive Thinking’, could be considered the nation’s first magical president.

These two tacit approaches to magic are worth considering. When a physical prop, such as Florida Water, is used the physical world is affected. When a symbol is used in magic the mind is affected. This isn’t a hard and fast rule but is worth taking into consideration when discussing these two styles of magic.

Egyptian Gods and Goddesses are a common theme in modern ritual magic. Ritual magic may have come to America via Freemasonry. The first lodge being established in Pennsylvania in the early 1700s. Twenty one Masons signed the Declaration of Independence. Take a look at the back of a dollar bill to find their influence. Symbolism abounds in ritual magic. It is used to direct the mind by channeling untapped avenues of thought and ability.

Voodoo comes to America via syncretized African religion brought by slaves when they were swept from their homes. Centering in New Orleans, the tradition is known for its curses & cure-alls, powders, skulls, and nails. Mojo bags stuffed with oddities aimed at altering reality and spirits taking over the body of a person. This is a gritty, hands-on, personal religion. No ritzy high thinking here. Only boots on the ground everyday practicality.

Though not specifically Voodoo, the magical left is currently engaged in a campaign to hex President Trump. Unflattering pictures, his name carved in orange candles, and other physical supports are called upon to perform this curse. As an impeachment is currently underway their efforts may have caught wind with the appropriate spiritual forces.

Whether with the right’s creative use of memes to influence minds during an election or the left’s use of physical objects to get the president impeached, magic utilizes inner change via alternate states of being to effect change on the outer world. The play between inner states and outer change is what makes magic, well, magical. From reaches spanning one’s personal practice to the world political stage, the immense and intense tangibility of magic continues to bewilder all those involved.



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