Florida Water pt1

Lanman & Kemp Barclay hold the trademark on Florida Water. Lanman joined it’s creator, Robert Murray, 30 years after its concoction. The name has been involved in the company since. Created in New York City in 1808, known for it’s refreshing floral and spice scent, it quickly became the country’s most popular unisex cologne. The original formula is still used today.

Intriguingly, it’s reason for popularity as cologne corresponds to its spiritual strength. As with its beauty applications and properties: refreshing, cleansing, pleasing, it carries these tactical assets over onto the spiritual realm. Used in cleansing one’s aura, ritual objects, or one’s home in the form of a floor wash (popular in Voodoo), this floral splash is tapped for its magical purifying applications.

In the early 1900’s ‘Two Girls’ Florida Water began production in Hong Kong. Both the US and HK manufacturers are open about its spiritual properties. Both websites openly tout these properties and suggest uses. Lanman & Kemp post blog articles about the cologne and celebrate its association with magical traditions. There’s also a Florida Water version they sell via Peru that comes with a testimonial from a Shaman. Along with its historicity, I have no doubt these additional claims help it sell. If only more products came with their spiritual qualities on the label. Using one’s inner sight, one could glean the spiritual properties in more things one buys. Though, if you’re having trouble with this, a splash of Florida Water might clear that right up.

Florida Water has had a strong history for over 200 years. The current magical renaissance aiding in its presence. Even being carried onto the red carpet as part of a magical fashion statement. Celebrity Solange Knowles seemed to be channeling Ezili Dantor, or Black Madonna, a Loa of the Petro, or “angry”, family of Voodoo spirits. A magical statement perhaps on the current nationwide social stir and dialogue of police brutality towards black Americans. The magical left is stepping up loudly in the late 2010s. Armed with tools such as Florida Water to further its causes of anti-oppression. Florida Water being most associated with Voodoo and as a spiritual offering, it seems an appropriate use of the product.

As we’ll continue in part two, whether you’re on the political right or left, the spirit world is deeply entwined with the physical world.


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