Mentors – K Grey

With honor,

to those who have influenced

my spiritual life.


It’s that time of year where we all share our appreciation and what we’re thankful for. I would like to share my appreciation for someone special. A little bird – a guide, that I’m thankful for. One of my old spiritual mentors, Kristopher Grey.

I’ve had several spiritual mentors over the years. These folks served as giants who left craters of spiritually profound footprints on my life. Conversing with these guides was like facing down whitecaps in the ocean. You can’t help but being affected, moved, challenged, and changed for the better.

Kris Grey ran a personal spiritual website and was quite prolific on Twitter. He was an artist and designer who taught me freestyle Advaita Vedanta. An unassuming and truthful gentleman, who looked a bit like Anton LeVay, we shared many long conversations together via email. He never took advantage of me or tried to get me to believe certain things. He never asked for money or wanted ‘likes’. He was an agenda-less man. We shared genuine conversation, a one-on-one between someone who wanted to learn and someone who wanted to share. I haven’t spoken to Kris in a long time but I greatly value our time spent communicating together. We spoke all things spiritual awakening and he nudged me on my path by encouraging me to always seek the truth, yet never accept book answers, and to never conform to spiritual norms out of convenience. He was an iconoclast. He made an impact on my life by being a friend and guide during a spiritually sensitive time in my life. I was going through deep changes and he was there to guide me as I approached some startling discoveries about myself and the nature of reality. Many of which are still ringing in the bell of consciousness, today. Our old email conversation are beyond my skill level to recover, lost to the digital aethers. There’s something simplistically beautiful about this. A transitory teacher – a raven in the fog.

Thank you, Kristopher Grey!

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