Limb Yoga

For fun, I’ve decided to describe my meditation practice as limb yoga. Limb yoga, dafuq? Bendy yoga only began a couple hundred years ago as the West’s obsessive rational mind interpreted as best it could the spiritual practices of India. Thus spandex was invented. No! People get their body’s under control to get their mind’s under control as to direct their will heavenly. It certainly wasn’t to have the newest trendy thermos. Limb yoga is the esoteric branch of bendy yoga. Not historically, but nowadays I guess it it. People are opening up to spirituality, thank or blame the New Age for that. I welcome it. I find solace in spreading my weirdness and having it meet others’ weirdness. Namaste, to you too, weirdo. But it’s more than being socially weird for weirdness sake. I am interested in study and practice of esoteric traditions. I suppose, based on personal experience, I believe their claims. It’s my jelly. I don’t believe other claims but for some reason, perhaps the occult codes their beliefs with a grain of salt. The beliefs come pre scrutinized. You take an occult diagram and see how it works in your life. They don’t claim absolute truth, only that certain things yield certain results. Then you test it! I’ll be damn if it doesn’t do what it says on the package. This, I can work with. I learn from and grow from these things. I’ve had so many real world experiences with magical spells and techniques, how can I deny it? I can study it, maybe change my mind, but I can’t go back. I’ve jumped the shark. Leap and Look.

So, limb yoga, yeah. Get on it!

Patanjali’s 8 Limbs of Yoga

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