Journal 11/12/18

I got a Chromebook today. An Asus C202. It was a little impulsive, but cheap, $250. It arrived today after I ordered it on Saturday. Isn’t that amazing! I bet this little puppy is going to be able to do anything I want it to do. Though it got better reviews than the Lenovo Chromebooks I was looking at, it doesn’t fold over into a tablet and it’s not touch screen. I missed that completely. Oh well. I’m pleased. If it helps me get and stay organized, inspires me to write and stay connected with my friends, then I’m happy. I’m also going to let my son use it to learn to code. This was somewhat of a revelation. I’m taking a Town Leadership course and we had someone come and speak from the local community college. It was very enlightening. And then someone from a local high school. They passed out Chromebooks and I thought they were so neat! The lady from the community college suggested cyber security was going to be a huge field. My son likes reading and video games so I thought, coding. How cool would that be for him to learn a ‘thing’ that will stick with him the rest of life. Perhaps, hopefully, influencing his career choice. My middle son has gymnastics that he’s very talented in. My youngest son is a sports guy, baseball, basketball, and football; though he’s still young. I thought it’d be great to give my oldest son a ‘thing’. There are lots of neat website where kids can learn coding and programming. This seems right up his alley. Any kid can play video games, but if he learns how to make them, or websites, or anything like that, he’ll definitely have a leg up later in life.



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