Mickey Mouse Award

Being a sophomoric late-bloomer has its advantages. As the Sagittarius draws back his bow, I pierce my target with extreme precision. It’s not without its drawbacks. The steadying arm of the archer is made stronger by resistance. There is a bit of unbalance there but, for his purposes, perfect. I don’t seek to unnaturally balance my Saggitarian nature but pursue its strengths and grow them while minimizing my weaknesses.

When I was a child I got the Mickey Mouse Award on my swim team. By my memory, I got this for my playfulness and absentmindedness. I’d dive in the pool only to surface and ask what I was suppose to be swimming. I was a strong swimmer but easily distracted I suppose. But when I decided to be the best swimmer in my age group at the butterfly stroke I earned the pool record. These weaknesses helped fortify in my mind my solid goal. The sacrifice of a slightly scattered mind is acceptable to achieve greatness, no matter how small- it mattered to me.

When I set to myself to be the best pitcher on my college baseball team, it took me a couple years, but I earned Most Valuable Pitcher my Junior and Senior years. This was no small feat as the school I went was one of the best in the country for baseball. Top 25 all four years I was there. The Sagittarius draws back his bow.

In magick my motto was slightly different, “Leap and Look”. Diving in headfirst with no regrets was my premise. Taking the advice of a mentor I breezed through magick and shot for enlightenment, whatever that meant. I achieved personally satisfying success in this contemplative realm yet my life felt shallow and somewhat finished. The bow and string creak under tension. My drinking had reached a peak. I could no longer take it anymore. The archer releases his arrow. My entire spiritual life up to this point has been increasing tension “to go”, as Brion Gysin would say. Enlightenment and meditation and the contemplative life often seems to exemplify quietude. We must stay quiet to egotistically make sure our “enlightenment” is still there so we don’t lose it. If there’s any enlightenment it must be found in motion and forgetting to think about enlightenment, in life! All things are enlightened upon my enlightenment. This gradual development has shown me the nature of my astrological sign, Fire. Motion, action, churning. Surely enlightenment is found in these fiery realms as well. Most definitely. My mind goes with me. All things are put in their place. Magic is done. Mundane is done. All things in their place. A perfect cosmology, enacted. Blessed life.

Blessed life.

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