DoMagick Day 1

Earlier in the day I had visions of my future writer self (FWS). A psychic smell even arose. Subconscious material surfaced and I reviewed some disturbing material and arrived at some interesting conclusions.

Time for the ritual. I banished my space and called FWS. He was different than the vision I had earlier. Calmer. Someone I’d like to be. I began editing a piece I’d already begun. I wasn’t too inspired to mess with it too much. I’m still stuck on the same two sections I have been for a while. Next time I’ll be ready.

To prepare magically for the coming sessions I’m going to purchase a ring. This will be an evocatory piece to kick-start the ritual and speed up the connection. I didn’t have a problem connecting but not knowing what to expect I staggered when it came to the actual work.

Evocation will prove not to be a problem. My initial worries are washed away. Writing will prove to be the more difficult task.

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