DoMagick Challenge Research

I came onto the DoMagick Challenge about a week before it started. Signing up hurriedly because I had an inspired idea. Participants had the whole month of July to research. So, I’m cramming. The challenge is ‘summoning an entity’ for 30 days. The outcome of the magick I have planned is something I’d like to accomplish which makes me excited to enact the plan.

I’ve had two conversations with fellow magicians about my plan for the DoMagick Challenge. First, the challenge was intended to be evocation. But it’s not labelled as such. Next year it’ll probably be changed. This was from Andrieh Vitimus himself, the purveyor of the DoMagick Challenge and author of ‘Hands on Chaos Magick’. He agreed that my idea would meet the challenge standard. He also said the challenge could allow one evocation followed with practical, challenge oriented work on the rest of the days. The intro video should be up soon.

Later I had a conversation with an elder of the magical craft and explained my idea to him. He mentioned usually with a future self conjuration it’s invocation not evocation. Linking an article he wrote on the subject. The difference being an emphasis on where you put your sense of self. Not having done evocation, this was very helpful. “The dissociation is what makes it evocation”, I was told. With invocation you identify, along a varying scale, with the deity or entity of choice, uniting, and becoming one.

I began to wonder what this is going to look like. What would be the difference if I invoked my future self versus evoked my future self? I’ll probably end up trying both as the challenge goes on. Along with work I’m having the future self perform. I’m anticipating this challenge and excited to get this started. If it works… oh yeah.

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