I Ching Weekly – July 25


64. Wei Chi / Before Completion, chg 3 & 6

The I Ching divines ‘the time’, shi. We take this reading apply it to our lives. The oracle is the oracle and our lives are our lives. There’s not much crossover, the oracle deals in the akashic and our lives deal in the material. We take a cupped hand scoop of that wisdom and drink. Hoping to gain some insight into the nature of things. With this wisdom we act respectfully and mindfully. Gaining favor with the Universe and moving in accordance with it’s drifts and currents.

Something wants to change and does change but not unexpectedly. We’ve had 64. Before Completion previous in the inaugural week, June 29, with the 1st and 6th lines changing.

You’re still struggling with a new change. The idea here is to enlist helpers. Do something different. Create a new thought process or idea space and try something new with the project or issue at hand. Peer reviewed is even better, refining oneself, or chatting with a friend. Accepting the new change is going to take patience and a little nudging of yourself to work with it instead of being stuck in the old will take work.

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