Domagick Aug 2018 – Preliminary


This domagick challenge is primed to be my best one yet! I’ve got a great idea. A great plan. A great desired outcome. And I can’t tell you any of it.

Ok, a little. I’m summoning a future self. Everyday for 30 days. The outcome I’m not ready to divulge. That would be ‘telling’ if I did. And we mustn’t ‘tell’.

The tech I’m going to use is to put on a magical ring that is the manifestation of my future self. I’ll then engage in the activity of the future self. Hopefully manifesting my desire.

We’ll see how this goes. I have pretty high hopes for it. I think I’m primed for it. I’ve been consistent with my meditation and magical work for a while now. I’m also healthier than ever and in a pretty good spot psychologically. Feeling confident. Ready to go!

Can you Do Magick?

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