Ready Steady

Recent Updates – July 18

I think I’ve managed to stabilize a steady practice routine. Too much magick has got me sick. Psychic jibblin’ in my head. My Qabalist tree of life initiations are over, almost. Kether, technically, and Malkuth officially to be done. Meh. I see Kether all the time and I did do an invocation of Earth but none of it was official. Same with Tiphareth; I count that as having been done when I conjured the HGA years ago. Note: I don’t think the K&CHGA ever ends. For me when I do meditation that’s Tiphareth janking right up to Kether passing the abyss. It’s not a major thing, it’s plain good meditation. That takes practice. So keep up your homework kiddos.


Anywho I’m slowly working my way through the Strategic Sorcery coursework. Lesson 2. But I’m enjoying myself. I practice every day. Daily meditation. My morning sessions are off the chains. They are dear to me. I’m going to a local Zen center once a week. That’s been a great experience so far. I’m curious as to where that journey will lead me. My plan was to do an SS lesson on Friday but there’s so much to explore with energy work I’m going slowly. Maybe I’ll jump into it or read it this Friday. Get prepared. But I do intend on doing it and graduating the course. Tuesdays! Tuesdays I’ve been doing a weekly I Ching reading horoscope style for the good people of the internet and the world. I cast an oracle and interpret it. Write about it and you read it. It’s been going pretty good so far. I’ve got several nice comments so I’ll keep on doing that. Also I’m reading Thomas Taylor’s translations of the Orphic Hymns. I’ve used these in all my planetary conjurations and I really like them. It feels like I’m tapping into something arcane. I’m going to read through all of them and read the commentary. See where that takes me.

I’ve continued to study astrology and follow the planets. That’s been interesting to see how my I Ching oracles coincide with astrological events. V cool. I’m reading Tom Wolfe’s ‘The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test’ and am loving it. Talking about yin and yang, my spiritual progenitor was Timothy Leary; Ken Kesey and The Merry Pranksters were the yang to the yin spiritual approach of Dr. Leary. I’m still stuck halfway through Moby Dick. Still. Maybe after Kesey I’ll swing back around to it. I have a friend wanting to get into ‘Time, Space, and Knowledge’ by Tarthang Tulku with me, so I should honor that commitment. I had planned on going into ‘Occulture’ by Abrahamsson next but that can wait. I’m stoked about timing it just right to be reading Bram Stoker’s ‘Dracula’ around Halloween. I’ve talked about that for a couple years but substance health issues have kept me from it. That’s another thing.


I’m coming up on three months no alcohol. Which is awesome. I’ve never felt better. I’ve lost 40 lbs! I feel like I’m finally living the life I was mean to live.

Writing is difficult me. The timing of writing is difficult. I need hours but I have minutes. Just another thing I’ll have to sorcerize to get me some more time, motivation, space for. Nobody’s fault but my own. I’ve recently discovered lofi hip hop music and I’m totally digging it. I’m back into a musical zone after so long of having abused a certain type of music for bad magical purposes, addiction. It’s so chill and cool. I very much like it. I still listen to some metal but I’m a little particular and have no use for anger much anymore. It’s just not my thing.

Yoga is awesome. I went to my first class after having not gone in a number of years. I’m going to try to go to that weekly too. I’m exercising almost everyday so yoga is much more emotional for me. It’s challenging don’t get me wrong. I’m pretty flexible but I think I’ll take it pretty seriously too. I found it very enjoyable. I’m sampling a few more classes before I decide on a payment plan of how I want to attend. And the yoga studio is just down the street while the Zen center is 45 minutes away. Not too bad but not super convenient either. It’s once a week for an authentic Buddhist experience. Sign me up.

I’ll let you know how all this goes. I’ll try to get in some philosophical or theoretical type posts but no guarantees. I do need to post more. I’ll make a commitment and stick to it. You let me know how you like it.




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