I Ching Weekly Horoscope – July 17

63 Chi Chi / After Completion

Changing in the 2nd place

Here we have Hexagram 63, water over fire changing in the 2nd place (2nd from bottom). We received the governing line as our changing line. This means that is our answer regardless of what the original hexagram might mean and is a good sign that we have or are mastering this type of situation.

The directive in our oracle today is to be patient despite our feelings about the world outside. The changes we are seeking are already completed (see hexagram name). The people in charge of what we have sought may be incompetent but we must be patient. They’re still in charge, but won’t be forever. What is destined to you is sure to come. You only have to wait.

2 thoughts on “I Ching Weekly Horoscope – July 17

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