I Ching Weekly – July 11

Last week’s reading became very true for me. I under estimated it, assuming it was for others. I won’t make that mistake again. In parallel, I  the don’t think a general horoscope is a very good idea. Solace can be find in divining the time, shi, and interpreting the timing, incipience ji or ‘knowing the seeds’, of actions. I think I’m on the right track with this but needed to make clear this is not a general reading that you, the readers, can read into and see how it fits your life. It’s going to happen. Like in astrology, Mars *is* moving through Aquarius. Whether you notice it or not or it effects you in a moving way is a different matter. Like I said, it became very real for me. I assumed I was good because I thought I’d been through it and understood it but I had a shadow spot… dessert. Ha! One mustn’t underestimate the addictive quality of sugar and sweets. On to this week’s reading.

This week we have hexagram 30, Li, with the 6th (top) line changing. Li is composed of a fire trigram on top and a fire trigram on bottom. That’s a lot of fire. With change being on the verge of exploding forth, let’s look into this.


The fire here is a spiritual fire. You’ll have a renewed interest in all things spiritual. But this time getting it right. We don’t need to add things onto ourselves but rather strip away to arrive at proper practice. The gold, the fire, is in the moment. Not in what we may get from the practice or who these practices may make us become. This is Crowley’s admonish for us to be ‘free from the lust of result’. Renew your practice by being in the moment, deeply caring about it, stripping away the gloss, to arrive at the real. Let the spiritual fire consume you. Be who you are and let your spirituality guide you, not the other way around.

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