I Ching Weekly – July 3rd, 2018

Chieh LimitationHexagram 60, 3rd Line Changing

Chieh – Limitation

Limitations are a natural part of human life. We can breath oxygen from air but not from water. The two trigrams that make up this hexagram are Water on top and Lake on bottom. The hexagram’s ‘image’ implies that a lake can naturally only hold so much water.

Interestingly enough with limits on the mind, our reading today deals with obtaining moral freedom.

Freedom in the field of morality is not found in eliminating all of the boundaries in one’s life. True freedom is found in determining for oneself what one’s boundaries should be.

Remember, limitations are natural. If you think you can do whatever you want in this life you’re going to have regrets. It’s not the world’s fault here for limiting you. It’s your fault for not setting your own limitations. Until you accept this freedom of morality you will experience suffering from your choices. Until you see this is an advancement on morality you will be stuck, limited by external circumstances.

Decide your limitations for yourself and be set free. This is this week’s reading.

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