NEW! Weekly I Ching Readings

NEW Pop I Ching Column!!

I Ching Weekly


I’ve decided to launch a weekly I Ching reading column called ‘I Ching Weekly’. I will provide a reading to guide your week. Trying to aid proper action and response based on the ancient wisdom of the I Ching.

There are several reasons for beginning this task:

Inspired by Astrologers, I wanted to give others insight into the operation of the I Ching while having some fun divining current events and hopefully being of some insight and use to readers. Astrology is guided by the actions of heavenly bodies. Constellations and planets’ movements and correspondences in their alignment. Each constellation and planet representing a ‘mode’ of being. The I Ching on the other hand is guided by the timing of organic changes in nature. Of which we are, of course, a part. Similar, but I Ching divinations don’t involve states of being but rather stages of change. I Ching means ‘book of changes’.

The book’s readings are exclusively about change. Specifically, in regards to shi, ‘the time’. “There is nothing else the Yijing talks about than ‘the time'”, writes Joel Biroco, my go to on the subject. Further, “this is the currency the oracle deals in”. Think Ecclesiastes 3. But more so, the timing of actions based on the situation’s season of change. Yijing is the proper English pronunciation of the Chinese characters for ‘book of changes’. I Ching is how it was originally translated. I will stick to this most popular translation.

Each divination depends on changing lines within each individual hexagram that are chosen through tossing three coins. Each line of the six lined hexagram ends up one of four ways: closed, open, closed with change, and open with change. Depending on how many changing lines and where they are located within the pictogram, the completed hexagram will emphasize what phase of change the subject of the reading is in. It is the diviners job to interpret the moving nature of the hexagram and apply it to the matter at hand.


My approach will be to divine ‘the time’ and report back to you with some suggestions. From this you can apply my reading to your life and the goings on therein for that week. If there is an event or change going on in your life you can see whether or not you should act on it and when. Should you act quickly, be patient, abandon the project for now, or is it too late.

If you would like to share my reading please feel free to do so, with credit to me, Sindder Streg, and my blog, Also, buy my book ‘Alive and Aware’, on how to be awesome at meditation, when it comes out later this year! Subscribe to my blog and you will get email updates when new posts and readings are posted. Thank you!

Without further adieu, here is this past week’s reading. See if you can apply this to people or situations in your life. Come back Monday for next week’s reading.


I Ching Weekly

64. Wei Chi / Before Completioni_ching_hexagram_64_wei_chi_before_completion_card-rc8308c8a828f4cc2980485d7a24198e2_xvuat_8byvr_307

1st and 6th line changing


If you’ve forgiven someone, now is not the time to berate them. Continue building that constructive relationship, moving toward future harmony. Or if you’re made a positive change in your life. Now is not the time for complacency. Future harmony is inevitable, shown by the nature of this hexagram which could be called ‘just before completion’. The changing 6th (top) line indicates things are so close to being better. Forgive. Stay with that positive change. And wait for the completion of the change soon to come.


PS – I am willing to elaborate on my readings through email correspondence. Email me at with the subject line ‘I Ching’. Briefly describe your situation, we’ll chat, and I will elaborate on how the reading could be interpreted through the lens of your situation. I can also give personal readings through email correspondence. There is no charge at this time.


*Disclaimer: This is spiritual, not medical.

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