Accidental Elementals



I became sluggish and half-sick a week or so ago. I asked for some help from ‘the spirits of morning’ to continue waking up early. I soon started to feel better and thanked them with some incense. After the ritual of thanks I had the urge to perform Crowley’s ‘Liber Resh’. I did so and have continued its practice. I’ll forget one or two sessions throughout the day but for the most part it feels good to connect with magical space and to be thankful.

This unintended shift to elemental practice is the only reason I can think of that would have triggered the dwarf and gnome dream. As I’ve never had any dreams featuring these magical creatures. When I first asked the spirits of morning for help I had no idea they were even a thing. I just made it up! I glad for the connections because I feel like I’m learning. I’m studying zodiac and doing planetary initiations and now working with the elements. It’s nice to tidy up and expand within this Hermetic universe.

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