Dwarf Dream & Surprise, I’m From Jupiter!


We were moving our dwarf camp. It was being used by someone else and we had to get out of the way to avoid being found out. It was actually a shaft or something. Some wanted to and some didn’t. I did. There was a plane we were taking. I ran ran to pack my stuff. Which included lots of beer. I was the portly, clerk like, jovial one. I went to pack my stuff. A plane flew over head so the dwarf pilot flew our plane by him so he would turn around and come get us. We began packing furiously. My little stuffed animal like gnome, like from Trollhunters, didn’t want to go so he ran away and climbed super high, for him. I climbed up there with him and talked to him. Consoling him and telling him that I’d tell everybody how high he had climbed. That I was proud of him. He was happy. Clare, also from Trollhunters, was with us, on the ground. We began to climb down.



Began deep breathing in bathroom. When I got out I sat and continued the process. Breathing deeper and deeper. I took a break to write my meditation philosophy chart. When I returned I sat and began deconstruction. Not really sure how to begin, I began observing the sensations in my body as a whole. Then I began observing thoughts. I quickly figured out to get into, feel, the chakra locations, approx, to deconstruct and short circuit that area for ‘just sitting’. While deconstructing I had the distinct feeling and vision that I was an alien sent to Earth, from the Jupiter division (like, astrology) to observe human life. That through my observation I was sending transmissions back to HQ. Also, that Jesus was an alien as well but that others were aliens too. Actually all humans were but only some were advanced enough to send back transmissions or knew or figured out how. Deconstruction is how, or how I know how to. Also, I began to really get into the alien vision when posturally I began flexing upright and putting attention into my lower spine. It was like better posture unlocked the vision by nature of new (Jupiterian) experience in the lower back/ab region. That this loosened the flow of that chakra. The sacral chakra, which I relate to Jupiter.

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