Unveiling the Little Light

He stepped warily up the stairs. Nervous and under prepared. An idea about the future. A spell to weave. Detonation expectations.

The noise of the handle. The door silently opened. Our wizard heaved. One last sigh before setting to his work.

He grabbed a cloth, a flashlight, and an action figure. Bare bones chaos magic. A banishing ritual performed. Clearing the space for his work. Psychic ripples. Clear light sends imposing spirits washed aback. He’s centered. The world revolves around him. His ego tamed. Desires checked. Mind, balanced.

He switches on the small flashlight. He covers it with the cloth.

Swiftly, he sits down to play with his doll. He pretends it is him. Walking along. Do da. Do da. He approaches the flashlight.

“Oh hello there my Holy Guardian Angel. It is I, Sindder Streg. I call out to you. I yearn for you. I humble myself before you.”

“Reveal yourself to me, Holy Guardian Angel. I love you. I want you. Please be with me. Unveil yourself to me. Unveil yourself to me!”

The wizard removes the cloth from the flashlight. It shines in AAA glory. Yellow light beaming out into the darkness of the room.

The action figure views the glow.


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