Venus and Luna

Last night I initiated into the sphere of Netzach with an offering to the planet Venus. Low on the horizon behind the trees, by the time I got out there at the hour of Venus. But I knew she was there. I had seen her earlier that night when swimming with my family. Nothing wrong with an evening swim! I gave her water and strawberries and incense smoke and humbly asked her to be with me. That I wanted to know her mysteries and be with her. She has been related to various goddesses and myths for over 20,000 years. What a lady! That night I dreamt of family, vacation, scuttlebutt, a sexual encounter, and betrayal. Quite the Venusian soap opera. We shall see what further mysteries she unfurls for me.

Several weeks ago I initiated into the sphere of Yesod with a midnight, full moon invocation of the Roman huntress Diana. Offering her blueberries, water, and sandalwood smoke I read her Orphic hymn while facing the moon. Or where I thought the moon was due to a cloudy sky and a last minute app malfunction. At the conclusion of the reading as I was about to close the ceremony out pops Luna in all her radiant glory!

The wake of this encounter has produced an enhanced processing of emotions and what I might describe as magical emotions: a desire to do magic and to make magical items. I have a wand in the works, ritually timed by the moon of course, and a cool bag for all my ritual swag. Sewed on the Eliza Gauger, raidho inscribed, antlered astronautic Shiva ‘May we be martyred in space’ patch myself.

We’ll see where this journey continues. Wherever your journey takes you, keep your head in the stars!

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