Sindder Returns

I have been quiet for a while. I’ve been unsure of the direction of the blog or what topics or in what style I wanted to write. There have been many ‘shadow-pages’ that have not been published. Worse, many personal vacillations for the destruction of Sindder Streg. But he grows.

I’ve gone from unsure if I was Pagan to accepting my Christian roots, my family religion. Esoterically, this connects me with many of the great mages of old. The progenitors of science and personal and collective freedom were all occultists. 500 years ago magic wasn’t stigmatized as superstition. These days, confusedly, magic is seen as a superstition yet somehow still brings terror to the eyes of the religious. In Elizabethan England, there were some forms of magic that were considered malignant and outlawed and others that were accepted and legal¹. The natural philosophers who slingshotted our tradition from the dark ages to modernity saw the occult as a natural arising of the phenomenon of reality and moreso as a way to return to God. In my practice, I see God as the source of the experience of illuminated reality, or Christ, and thus magic is a natural feature of reality, ie God. Read the gospels for examples of miracle upon miracle. But more than this I don’t identify as being affiliated with any religion. I am a practitioner of the Western Magical Tradition. Whose modern practices and worldview date back 3000 years at the least and trickle back perhaps 30,000 to early examples of kingly ritual². I am not bound by the social pressures of religion. Yet as brilliantly exposéd by Jason Louv in his newest work, ‘John Dee and the Empire of Angels’, the Western Magical Tradition as passed down from the English and European Hermeticists, Rosicrucians, and Masons is revealed as Protestantism’s esoteric branch¹. A shocking and revelatory breakthrough. Personally, relieving.

I myself derive power from the Holy Guardian Angel and the illuminations and the troublesome personal experiences that this process brings forth. The Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel comes from ‘The Book of Abramelin’, a very early 15th century Jewish magical text wherein a loving father describes a method to his son, that by: gaining the good graces of one’s Holy Guardian Angel, by the power and authority of God, binding evil spirits, that one will gain the hard-earned illuminated knowledge of God the Father Almighty³. This does smack in the face of modern Christianity though. On it’s surface it seems to remove the need for Jesus Christ. Yet, in the late 19th century, occultists likened the Holy Guardian Angel to Christ Jesus, as the practitioner’s heart center, personal savior, and direct connection to God. Perhaps in modernity we’ve emphasized the Jesus part and swept under the rug the role of Christ in our lives and in eternity. An argument also made by Father Richard Rohr. In addition, sure to scuff traditionalist too, I used a postmodern method of attaining the Knowledge and Conversation of my Holy Guardian Angel. I used Chaos Magic and a reformatted form of Centering Prayer devised by Alan Chapmanº. Centering Prayer was brought into light by Father Thomas Keating in the 1970’s and is used as a method of silent, contemplative prayer using a prayer word as an attentional and intentional meditative anchor. Alan and his magical partner Duncan Barford’s experiences were infamously recorded on their site The Baptist’s Headª and later turned into a trilogy of books that are blindingly expensive to obtain a copy of. I had the honor of following their work and being part of that online community, the undisciplined and zealous beginner I was. The lessons and experiences that process unfurled in me have taken the majority of my magical career to work out. It has created a steadfast, experiential space in perception that no fear, materiality, or conception can shake. No matter your religious beliefs or preference of practice methods, occultists have been utilizing this ritual to hasten their own spiritual journey and expand their magical power. Turns out humility is a spiritual power by the way. And whether you like or don’t like Jesus really has no bearing on the nature of reality revealed by advanced illumination.

So that’s been my struggle, my albatross. I’m overcoming it. I’m working on meeting other occultists in the flesh and being more magically social. The last half of 2018 is the year of Sindder coming out of the broom-closet. Well, at least I’ll crack the door.


¹ John Dee and the Empire of Angels – Jason Louv

² Star.Ships – Gordon White

³ The Book of Abramelin – edited by Georg Dehn

º Three Steps to Heaven – Alan Chapman

ª – defunct

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