The Awakening Process


Let’s pretend you’re made up of five things. Physical, emotional, intellectual, social, and consciousness. Most people are only aware of the first four while taking for granted the fifth. There’s no issue with this morally but if we want to wake up we need to experience the fifth deeply. This is difficult because it puts the other four in view and makes you hyper-aware of them and any issues you’ve been avoiding. You can see right off the bat this can be unsettling. Many times people will get into vegetarianism, social and political complexities, and various spiritual modalities. We review our place in the universe, the grand scheme of things and often find our social roles and various hats we wear falling off as we peel these layers away. But persist we must if we want to go all the way. You certainly don’t have to go all the way. From this point we should know two things. One, there is further to go. And two, if we continue we may not be able to turn back. Yes that was a warning. Once we get into deeper territory of peeling away at perception and subjective experience certain gears are thrown into motion and our meditation will take on a life of its own. From that point on it’s better to be hands off of the process. Rest assured you will eventually arrive at full awakening. Full awakening is when our consciousness is added into our perception of our self full time. There are many weird mystical and religious renderings of this but in actuality what is happening is what I’ve described. You’ve gained full intimacy of the fifth part of yourself, taking the whole self unit into view. The experiences of this can be quite mind blowing but they settle and you see consciousness in its full form. At the end of the day normal life is normal life but consciousness is in full view. You’re awakened.

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