Illumination Pointers

I’d like to point something on the nature of mundane and spiritual experiences. When doing illumination specific work, it’s not so important what you experience. The nature of awareness is nondual, absolute, luminous, perfect. There’s no other thing you’re looking for (on the illuminative path). You don’t have to look any further than your own mind. It’s ever present. Now, the illuminative path does have features and milestones and pitfalls that vary but “what it is that you’re looking for” – no matter what your personality, practice, tradition, or religion is – is in your own awareness. Behind all your emotions and feelings, thoughts, opinions, and even your sense of self, sitting right there, waiting for you, is your own nondual awareness.

The nature of illumination practice is to uncover the existing relationships between subjective experience, self, awareness, and reality through the use of directed attention. Introductory stages of illumination lie in practices of training attention to focus on a single object. Beginning level stages topple the social identity and result in oneness with all things. Mid-level stages are all about deconstructing experience and maintaining mindfulness of one’s experience. The key to deep levels of illumination lie in the focusing of attention on awareness itself and noticing its objectlessness and luminosity. Full illumination (which *is* a thing, is not tied to morality whatsoever, and is more of a skill) is having access to full on objectless, luminous awareness at any time.

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