Re-evaluating my spiritual practice

I’m not happy with the way I’m approaching my practice. I’ve been seeing it as something I’ve had to do to be in the WMT. Why do I need to be in the WMT? Why do I need to practice?

Good practice has a cathartic effect (changing brainwave pattern, a nice walk) as well as physical changes internally or externally. Whether that’s through writing, meditation, a spirit, or whatever. It clears the mind. I’m not doing that on a consistent basis, so I feel sluggish. I’m thinking about my practice constantly. I can barely get any other work done. I want to write a book but how it that ever going to happen when I have 17 practices to get caught up on?

What is my practice? What do I want it to be? What do I want to explore but isn’t so pressing in the moment? I don’t have to do it all. Do what is advantageous.

I want to do pragmatic dharma. I want to explore magick (T40S). I’m looking forward to September Do Magick. I enjoy invocation and find it challenging yet draining. I enjoy the runes, I think I’m good at divination and don’t like set systems (tarot); I like more open ended approaches, gives my intuition more breathing room. Evocation, I’m not into coercing demons to do my bidding. They’d have to want to. And I’m okay with a trade.

Gnosis – concentration meditation (focused attention), Wolf

Invocation – Beelzebub, Byrd, Ganesh

Evocation – T40S, at times above deities

Augoeides – pragmatic dharma insight meditation (open awareness)

Liberation – self-reflection, open awareness

Divination – Tarot, T40S, Runes

Enchantment – Sorcery w Wolf, Energy Work (LPR etc, Shielding, Astral Travel)

The categories aren’t hard and fast. The practices can overlap, even in the same session. What means the most to me? Being healthy.

How can I phase these practices to be healthy and stay healthy? Wolf can only be once in a blue moon. I can do focused attention everyday, occasionally moving into open awareness or while on retreat. I can do spirit work at night. I can journal every day. Quit keeping it on my phone and take some time to understand what I’m doing. I can divine as needed. Energy Work would be preferable every day. So one hour in the morning for energy work and focused attention. A few nights a week spirit work. Divination as needed. And Sorcery at the full moon (for the height of Wolf’s power) – should research other moon phase magic, Wolf’s relationship to myself if I want to use him for sorcery centered around moon magick. Also keep up with the wheel of the year. Wolf can play this game too. [Wolf would be my familiar.]


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