day 25 – day 30 #domagick

I haven’t been very diligent with all this posting. I’ve crammed a bunch of days together into several posts like these. There wasn’t anything to say except bore you with the practices I did, which weren’t plentiful. But change is taking place and I’m in a better place than I was before. My challenge days may be over but my goal still stands. I’d even call this challenge a success magically. To become ‘more successful at my business’ has been achieved. With this increase I can continue to improve at my particular craft of business. Although, this challenge has brought up more issues, blockages, and challenges than the first challenge did! But I made sure not to shy away from them but that doesn’t mean they’ve all dissolved or worked with. Just that I’m working through them to get even better at my job, to become more successful at life.

I think I’ll be posting updates and other sundries on my blog if anyone cares to read along, I’d love to have you. Not trying to create a brand or anything, just a circle of friends. Though I haven’t reached out as much this challenge I’d still like to chat with anyone who has some magical stuff to say. Blessings be to all and thanks for your support!

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