Enchantment+ #domagick -Day 8

Two dreams I’ll explore later this week for depth, meditation, exercise, and a consecration ritual today. I’ve begun working both Billy Brujo’s ‘Book of Artiface’ and Tommie Kelly’s oracle deck, The Forty Servants. As I said in a tweet to Mr. Kelly, “the funzies have begunzies”! Already got results from both and I’m sure both will be incorporated into the #domagick challenge somehow.

It’s interesting because, in this challenge (and I’m feeling in magick maybe in general), we have a goal yet any work we do on ourselves helps us with this goal. Something totally unrelated yet of the self-care, self-love vein will help you reach your goal. I had a light touch with Santa Muerte (SM), didn’t really plan that but I’ve been wanting to work with her. And I worked with her in her ‘golden shrouded’ aspect. I’ve never really done money magick before, to be completely honest. But is my challenge simply “money magick”? I enchanted for outward success but I find myself changing internally. Slowly maybe, but change is being made. SM brought out my shadow aspects and forced me to look at them. And I thank her for that. I can see why she’s so popular right now. Her followers literally come grovelling on their knees to her. Her compassion is so strong she brings believers out in droves! I felt a light touch was all that was needed right now and I hope/think she agrees. There’s no need to push a round peg in a square hole. No need for force when a more subtle approach is required. She is wise and imparts wisdom like this, it seems.

Another change I’ve made is that I’m allowing my job to accept me. That sounds weird but hear me out. I’m open to it. It’s the attitude change I was looking for. It’s not enough to just drag myself to say, “okay…I want to be here” it’s about allowing myself to be here. About allowing my environment to have me. It’s a two way street. The relationship is improving and I had a great day today. I really did. I think the job likes having me here, as weird as that may sound. And I think I’m starting to like being here. It’s not that I never saw the value. I saw the value or I wouldn’t be here. I explained this to a fellow domagicker, that this was the best opportunity for me but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Now I feel I can. I’ve somehow opened myself to the possibility. Sorry if that sounds weird, talking to a job, but it’s what worked!


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