Enchantment+ #domagick -Day 2

Pretty unmindful day 2. Been sluggish and congested the past few days. After a hopeful day 1 I’m dreading how far off I am from my goal. It’s a simple change of mind but that’s easier said than done.

Just a helpful hint for myself and for others looking to change their minds and behavior: states to traits. Remember that catch phrase, states to traits. We practice little things, little changes until they become ingrained in who we are. When we use our minds our brains literally change: they created new pathways of electrical firing. You can do this!

I did my routine magical and meditation work in the morning and had an extensive tarot session too. I didn’t get a lot accomplished at work that I wanted to but I had a wonderful evening with my mom and youngest son at a baseball game. I wasn’t very mindful at all throughout the day but had some constructive thinking time about my path in the afternoon.

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