Enchantment+ #domagick -Day 1

Today I said a quick prayer to the golden shrouded Santa Muerte to take away the things that keep me from my goal. My goal, again, was to become more successful at my business. I soon later felt her presence as I was twiddling my golden wedding ring and dropped it. I told myself, okay pay attention. I felt that today I didn’t get done everything I wanted to at work but I was aware of my slipping into distractedness later in the afternoon. Also I noticed confusion in my mind in general at this time, due to lack of mental concentration. Being on task is better for my brain.

Later at night after I opened a package from the wonderful Billy Brujo, his new book, ‘The Book of Artiface’, I sat in silent meditation for 15 minutes.

Getting into the groove y’all. Yet after April’s challenge I’ve become hyper-aware and highly suspicious of a lack of difficulty as I’m mindful of my path. One can only ride endorphins for so long. This was my mistake in April. I didn’t want to face the negativity so I hid it from my conscious mind. I’ve gone back and looked at some of this but I will not make that mistake again for June’s domagick.

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