Enchantment+ #domagick -Research

I’ve decided to join June’s ‘Enchantment Plus’ Do Magick Challenge.

I was disappointed in my approach to the Transformation challenge in April so I was going to sit this month out. But when I read my fellow domagickers posts I couldn’t help but want to join.

The title ‘enchantment +’ means to use magical and non-magical (+) means to achieve a goal. My goal is to be successful in the workplace. After three positive divination sessions and one ritualized brainstorming session, I think I’m ready to go. I’ve got ideas for both magical and non-magical means and am ready to get them going. I already had business goals in place so it’s just implementation and grinding it out, with a bit of magical help of course. I’m really looking forward to trying some new things magically, continuing to apply magick to my life, altering my day-to-day work habits, persevering, and seeing where I come out in the end – hopefully achieving my goal of success in the workplace.

The challenge begins Monday!


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