What’s Next? (after the #domagick challenge)

After the completion of the #domagick challenge what’s next?

I don’t think about alcohol that much any more to be honest. Another crucial change: I don’t wish I could have an addiction and a normal life too. I did have a couple of drinks after the challenge and I didn’t make anything major out of it. All good there. But if I do reintroduce it more I will definitely have a plan and reason for doing so. Moving forward is of supreme importance here.

These next two months I have a weight loss goal of weighing 200 lbs by June 1st. I am pleased and proud of the initial 25+ LB’s I’ve dropped over the past months. I look better, feel better, and my self image has improved. Go me!

Spiritually, the exercises I’ll be exploring in the coming months are to continue to work with concentration meditation and to get into elemental magick. I plan to work through Cunningham’s ‘Earth Power’. So if you’ve read it let me know how you enjoyed it. I’ll also be attempting some basic space-making, temple opening type stuff, expanding on the shielding work I’ve been practicing while incorporating the elements. Probably circle casting of some sort. I’m sure I’ll chaos magick it up in my own way. My goal is to try to build a ritual practice from the ground up. A ritual space in which to hold other magickal experiments.

I’ve never really gotten into formal ritual work and I’m not really sure where my practice will lead. I’ve been struggling with sharing the religious implications of what I do. As a magician I typically see the occult as dealing with human potential rather than religion but denying the religious side is to my eye spurious. If you have any suggestions or ideas on the topic I’d love to hear them.

Until next time… practice well.

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